Monday morning is the last moment for submissions. Nothing past 12:00 noon tomorrow.

Also: the judging will take approximately one week. If everything goes according to plan, I expect to have the process completed by the following Monday the 14th (Barbara DeWilde's, Yani Menztas' and Helen Yentus' schedules permitting) But, in case we get it done sooner (and we very well might), be sure to check in here periodically because here is where the results, and other info, will be posted.

Incidentally, this Monday, the competition's deadline, marks, exactly, the one year anniversary of the Jacket Mechanical blog. So- huzzah, mazel tov, excelsior, lhude sing cuccu, etc.

If I have not had a chance to post your submissions (and there are tons of these beautiful Black Jacks languishing un-posted) it emphatically DOES NOT MEAN it will not be considered in the judging. It just means, for lack of time I was unable to format it for the web. The ones that have been posted thus far are not necessarily odds-on favorites. The posting process has been fairly random. The judging will not be. I have printed all of the submissions out and numbered them. The process will be fair, and anonymous.

Finally- it cannot be said enough: thank you all so much for making these, sending these, and being, generally speaking, awesome.